Sal & Carries wedding

Two years!?!? Where does the time go? I swear I just blink and all of a sudden it’s Christmas again. So much has happened in that amount of time and yet sometimes it always feels like such a blur. However there are moments in time that are captured in the midst of that blur that freeze for a moment in time. Carrie and Sals wedding was one of them for me.

I absolutely love what I do for a living at times it can be a little demanding by demanding I mean sometimes people’s expectations are set really high and I can put a lot of pressure on myself, because I want them to be met to their highest standards. I don’t just value my work I value the people behind my work, Especially when they are people that are close to me.

My husband I met Sal several years ago when our boys played football together through PSA we ended up becoming great friends. Now fast fwd After him and his wife got divorced and our boys drifted off from the lil football field to the bigger ones in junior high. We tried to keep in contact the best we knew how but sometimes being a parent includes losing yourself in them, we become a little older and jobs become more demanding. However when we ever did see eachother it was like time never passed! That’s how all friendship should be! However when my kids are full and grown and I’m walking around on a cane I sure hope some of them still love me.

Then along comes Carrie….she lit up a room when she would walk into I mean that smile! My husband and I could see why this relationship bloomed the way it did they just were amazingly happy with eachother and ended up deciding to tie the knot. Jason got asked to be one of the groomsmen and Carrie asked me to do her hair and makeup for the wedding, I was ecstatic because I mean if you haven’t met Carrie well she’s Laid back, carefree, and downright funky; my kinda girl!

As the big day arrives my nerves are getting to me because remember my standards I set are really high and I hate disappointing people! When I walked into that room that bright big beautiful smile made me feel at ease, everyone in the room was laughing and cutting up and just enjoying every moment I mean that’s how every wedding should be. Your about ready to marry the love of your life and your best friend the ride or die of your life, the stress and the small other details shouldn’t get to you as long as the person is staring g right back into your eyes when you reach them at the end of that isle. That girl kept that smile all the way till the moment I walked into that room to the moment after she said her I dos. Not even the cake collapsing broke her spirits, if anything I think hshe r smile got bigger! That’s right the cake kinda toppled over a little bit thankfully having wonderful friends and family it got spruced up so no one would know the difference. We ended the night by dancing it away and laughing until our bellys hurt and for that I am very thankful for you both creating a long lasting memory not only for yourselves but for other that got to bask in the beauty and enjoy that special day with you! I look fwd to watching your love bloom and grow over the years. When we are grey and old and sitting in rocking chairs we can reminisce about the good ole days.

I asked Carrie to write a little bio about how they met and their wedding details and here’s what she had to say:

Sal and I met at work. We worked together and were co-workers. Then friends. Then we fell in love. We both went through huge rough patches – him divorcing his wife and me leaving my abusive relationship. What started out as “nothing serious” turned into happily ever after. Even after we became a couple Sal kept saying “I’ll never get married again.” Fast forward 2 years later…. 🙂 I was working 2 jobs. We weren’t spending much time together. I’d had a miscarriage. Stress was high. We argued a lot. And somehow Sal still had so much love for me. I thought we were on the verge of splitting up. Every Christmas we buy the kids “special ornaments” the kids get to pick out 1 ornament that either means something to them or represents something that they love or are “into” at the moment. Sal surprised me one day with a special ornament that was a crystal heart. But it broke. He kept saying he’d find something else. Christmas morning we woke up like normal. He went to pick up Sal and Bella from their moms. When they came home we ate breakfast and passed out their presents. They opened them and passed out ours we opened them like normal. When all the presents were done Sal said “oh yeah! I forgot I found you your special ornament.” He got up and reached around to the back of the tree. And pulled out a small black box. Then he got down on one knee and told me how much he loved me. And how he’d never wanted to get married again but I’d changed his mind. 🙂 our wedding was so much fun! Great Gatsby. Pearls. Feathers… Turquoise black and gold. We had so many people come there was standing room only. Everything was perfect… Almost. The cake fell… But I told Sal that it wouldn’t be fair if EVERYTHING was perfect at the wedding. 🙂 and of course one of my best friends made me look absolutely gorgeous. 🙂 wouldn’t have been the same without you my beautiful friend. 🙂

Happy anniversary
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