Ariel & Kody’s Wedding

So I am finally getting around to giving you some details of this gorgeous couples wedding. When I say finally, their wedding was back in March, the end of March which makes me feel a little better, Not lol.  I seriously couldnt wait to sit down and tell you about this couple in general, however day to day life kinda took over and I kept putting it aside! Not TODAY…….I met Kody about 7/8 years ago he was one of my male clients at the salon. Such a gentleman, his mom and dad sure did raise him right!  One of the many things my clients know about me is I love to talk, boy do I! So much that I have a tendency to run behind;( Kody and I could carry on a conversation about anything from guns, to hunting, work, and just life in general even though half the time I had no clue what kind of gun he was talking about or any of the lingo he used about hunting but I did learn a lot!  He actually was one of the few besides my husband to make me feel safe about owning a gun, I mean heck he was raised with them all his life, very country lifestyle what I loved ever so much about him!  One day the conversation was different we talked about this church group he was going to and how he had met this girl named Ariel…….Oh Ariel, I thought to myself what a beautiful name from one of my all time favorite movies.  That’s exactly how he described her( not the long red hair) the beauty that she carried not only on the outside but on the inside as well, is what truly caught this young country boys heart.  3 months later he was buying a ring and going to ask her to marry him, it was a love story that I got to witness behind my chair, one of the many reasons I love what I do for a living!  He finally brought her to meet his hairstylist(you know its a big deal when they are about ready to met the”hairdresser”) she was exactly how he described, beautiful inside and out down to earth country girl who fell in love with a down to earth country boy!  Being asked to do the hair and makeup for the wedding was an honor, and our family being invited to the wedding was a true blessing to watch these two say I do!  May God Bless Yall for many more years……don’t forget I get dibs on baby’s first haircut(hint hint)
Below are their details:

The first meeting: 

Well, a week before Kody and I met we had recommitted our lives to Christ and said my life is yours Lord because I am tired of doing it my way; it just doesn’t work. Then a week later we met each other at a church function. We became friends then we became best friends and started to fall for each other.
The proposal:
After three months of dating we knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. Kody had it all planned out. I had no idea. We went to the River Ranch (family friend’s place/ deer lease) for 4th of July weekend with our 2 best friends who were already married. We had a fun filled day with four-wheeling, fun in the river, naps, and just hanging out enjoying the great outdoors. We were going to do fireworks for 4th of July. I was going to sit and watch them from afar but Kody insisted on me helping them. We get the fireworks ready and before we light them he drops on one knee and asks me to marry him. Of course, I said yes then the fireworks went off.
The wedding details:
The wedding was at the place were our first date and proposal was, the River Ranch! It was a rustic wedding with mismatched blues with snow camo and regular camo and cowboy boots. There was cedar centerpieces with mismatched blue bottles and turtledoves. No one matched not even the people in the wedding. Kody wore black and I wore white. We wanted to break the traditional guys and girls match.
The wedding day:
It was better than I could have ever imagined! The decorations were perfect. Everyone was so excited to see me. It was very weird having everyone looking at me but the only person I could look at was Kody. This is the only time I have ever wanted to cry so much, but couldn’t! All that mattered was at the end of the day I was going to be Mrs. Merk.

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Season of Change

As the leaves begin to turn colors and the nights get a little bit cooler and I look into the nights sky dreaming of my next adventure in life, I stop to think about how we transition into seasons; for some it might be the decor in your house, the new wardrobe in your closet, the food that we cook, the flowers that we plant, and for some it’s the transition into the next phase of your life.

I go into this fall season ready for a new change. For many of you that know me know that I like change, from the way I do my hair, to the crazy redecorating my house all the time, to my mind changing every 30seconds etc. I believe that Change is an interesting word.  For some people it represents fear and terror, while for other people it represents adventure and excitement.  In my experience as a hairdresser/therapist I have found that more people tend to fear change, rather than embrace it.  As I have had the chance to talk with clients about their fears over the years, I have found that the reasons they fear change vary.  Some of the reasons that have been shared are:

  • Some fear the unknown that change represents, especially when they have a lack of information.  Often times if there is no information human nature is to let the monsters in your head start to fill in the gaps with worst case scenarios, which leads to a major increase in a person’s anxiety level.
  • Some fear that change will represent a loss of some kind.  A loss of a friend, or coworker, or position, or title, or even the fear of losing their own job.
  • Some fear that change will force them to leave their comfort zone.  We get so used to the routine of the day to day and the sense of security that gives us in our life, that the thought of a change will interrupt that sense of security, and leave us feeling lost and unsure.
  • Some fear that change might bring successes that they are not prepared to handle.  New found success can bring more responsibility, more stress, and an increase in the expectations others place upon them.

A year ago I did something I feared which was leaving a company I called home for well over 9 years, they had taught me so much about goals, fashion, dedication etc……they had pointed me in a direction that I will be ever so grateful for. Then change of season happened and I made my next adventure working for a man that in the past year has taught me more about life and how to just enjoy it and love it for that I will be eternally grateful. In a years time I was overwhelmed with the amount of love and support I received and no longer did I have fear.  In life you will realize their is a role for everyone you meet some will test you, some will use you, some will love you and some will teach you. But the ones that are truly important are the ones that bring out the best in you they are the rare and amazing people who remind you why it’s worth it.

Though I may change often and at times not exactly know where my next adventure may start I take life with such a grain of salt and enjoy the ride! Come join me on the next season of my life, Starting November 1st  I will be opening my own place @Mattison ave salon suites and spa in Richardson tx. If needing appt please email me or call or text. Detailed address info will be either emailed to you or texted to you so Stay tuned and please follow me for grand opening details, contests, photoshoots, website and socialmedia changes etc.

Change is such a necessary part of life.  We need it to grow.  Change forces us to go beyond our comfort zone into unknown territory that we would likely have avoided if left to our own choice.  Don’t fear change, welcome it!  Change is going to happen, so why not greet it head on with a huge smile on your face and an excitement for what it will teach you.  Be happy to see change and be grateful that it will make you grow and evolve into a better, stronger, and wiser person.  And, never forget that change is what turns a simple caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly!

God Bless yall and thank you for being a part of my life!
Tiffany Carvajal


Jake & Brittany’s Wedding

One of my many passions is doing bridal parties, there is something about walking into a hotel room or someones house and you can see the bright smiles across peoples faces a glow of happiness lets say for the one particular day peoples deepest happy emotions are shown whether it be nerves cause they are so excited, tears of joy from the brides family cause they feel like they are giving away their baby forever!  In all actual reality weddings bring people closer together its almost like one big family reunion, or a big party for a group of friends that haven’t seen each other for awhile. As we get older our lives form differently we get wrapped up in the day to day things of life work, spouse, kids, friends etc. so we often dont get that extra time we used to spend with certain loved ones, so when a wedding invitation comes in the mail and ask you to RSVP, respond Yes Im going cause who doesnt want to see a room full of people with big smiles on their face dancing the night away, enjoying eachothers company, and almost forgetting about our daily routine of life!  I was blessed on Sept 14th 2014 to be a part of one of my husband and I closest friends Brittany & Jake, to be asked to do her hair and makeup and her bridesmaids I was completely honored because they had traveled all the way to Mexico back in 2011 to be a part of our wedding day!  Thank you for letting me be a big part of your Special day it meant the world! XOXOXO to you both and I wish you nothing but happiness. Heres to many more years of friendship!




I am Tiffany, I am the hair and wellness behind this blog

Hi, and welcome to According to my Stylist the site that’s all about loving your best accessory: your hair, and not only looking your best but feeling your best: your Health!

Do you love your hair? I can tell you that, for years and years, I hated my hair. Then I had a haircut that changed my life. Its amazing what a good haircut and Hairstylist can do for your life. I love helping my clients understand that they can do more than just one thing with their hair. I believe your hair is your best accessory. You wear your hair every day, and you should have fun with your hair. You might think all this hair and beauty talk means I spend a lot of time on my hair but it’s not the case.The secret to good hair is a great haircut. It will save you time each morning as it will be easy to style and suit your lifestyle

You can find Hair-spiration everywhere, from runway models, Beauty blogs, and one of my favorites Pinterest! With this blog I will try my best to give you the best updates on whats in and even some hair tutorials you can try on yourself.

Health is a whole new discovery for me; as I watch my children grow each and every day I realize how important it is for my husband and I to be here for them for the long haul and the only way for us to do that is to care about our health so we started on this amazing journey about 4 months ago with Advocare, and so far the rewards are paying off, not only are we starting to look better but we also feel better and thats what matters. With this blog you can keep track of our journey with us and I will post things that can help benefit you as well.

Looking forward to caring not only about my hair and health but yours as well!