Craig & Mallory’s Wedding

Its amazing how at just the right time in your life you cross paths with certain people on a wim and they become part of your world more than you could have ever imagined.  I will never forget the day I recieved a phone call from a makeup artist that I sometimes work with saying that she had this bride in need of a hairstylist for her wedding, her old hairdresser had passed away, such an unfortunate event brought me to meeting Mallory.  As her and her mom walked into the salon to do a trial run, my nerves kinda got the best of me, sometimes meeting a new bride can be a great experience or can go the total opposite and I end up having bridezilla in my chair……any hairdresser can attest to a bridezilla is the last thing we want in our chairs especially the free spirted let me do what I thinks going to look best on u hairdresser!  Mallory and her mom Sharon were far from that, they were the most down to earth caring people I know. After a trial, and boudoir pics it was finally time for the big day, as I walk into the hotel room I was surrounded by PINK anybody that knows me, well lets just say its kinda my favorite color, this girl had me at the first sight of pink!  I was surrounded that whole morning by so much love and laughter between friends and family it made my heart swell, today was going to be an Amazing day.

 My favorite part of my job during weddings is getting to know them and their story! Heres their love story………

The story of how Craig and I met started at work. He is from Michigan and moved to Texas to work at TDIndustries where I was currently working. He was extremely shy, which I am the total opposite. I tried dropping hint on Facebook or try and run into him at work but he would run away. lol Finally he got the hint that I was into him. And he finally asked me to be his girlfriend. We dated for a year then moved in together! He finally popped the question on 7/13/2013 which of course I said yes! So then the crazy wedding planning started! Early that year my long time hairdresser passed away. So I was kind of in a panic to find an amazing hair dresser who could handle my massive amount of hair! So I started my search at work. A coworker new of a makeup artist so I gave her a call. When talking to her I asked if she knew of anyone who did hair. And she mentioned Tiffany! We set up a trial run which went fabulous! And I was finally relieved to know I was in good hands with my hair! She has just a positive attitude and always had a smile on her face which I loved! The big day finally came and it turned out amazing! I finally found my new hair dresser who know how to handle my hair and my crazy mind of always wanting some different when I come in lol

So she says she finally found her new hairdresser to handle her crazy mind, what she doesnt realize is it takes a crazy mind to handle another crazy mind lol. An unfortunate event took place when she lost her old hairdresser, I however gained not only one amazing client but I gained the whole family and they sure do brighten my day everytime I see them.  This is one of just the many reason I love what I do!

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