Hairdresser Love

imageAs the month of April nearly comes to an end, we wrap up the month with a holiday that’s near and dear to my heart……April 30th “Hairdresser Appreciation Day❤️” Please everyone take a moment to write it on your calendar so as of next year you can take a moment to tell your hairdresser how much you appreciate them!

You see, if you’ve ever walked out of a salon with a spring in your step and a smile on your face it’s probably because you feel more beautiful, a little more sassy or perhaps more worthy. Each and every time a hairdresser picks up his/her shears or touches a head of hair, they do so with love in their heart and a desire to make everyone feel beautiful. Hair is their canvas, their clay, their masterpiece. The love of creating and the love for all things beautiful, guides their every movement.

No other thing in my life has shaped me as much as the beauty industry. I love being a hairdresser because I can change someone’s day or life even just by spending a short amount of time with them. It’s about growing a relationship with your client by listening and catering to their needs, being sincere and truly caring. It’s about using art and talentto achieve a look that gives someone not only outer beauty that helps grow confidence to help them achieve goals while helping you reach yours. Being a hairdresser means truly loving people by giving them a bit of positivity for today and leaving them with a gleaming Ray of hope for tomorrow. If anyone reading this post today can relate please share this with your coworker, your mentor, your cheerleader and most importantly your hairdresser! Tell them that you love them, why you appreciate them and that they do make a difference. Spread the love to the loving hands that give you so much!

Happy Hairdresser Appreciation!