Heather & Blakes Wedding

I got the phone call from her mom about her daughters upcoming big day, as most mothers know this can be a time of joy and sorrow all at the same time. Excited to help your daughter plan one of the biggest days of her life but yet watching your baby girl transform into a woman of her own. Oh these are the days of me having younger girls that I think far into the future and wonder how will I react, will I cry? Of course! Will I be stressed? Pinterest or whatever app in the future will help with that one! Will she want my help at all? I sure hope so. Heathers mother Margaret sounded so calm and full of love and joy in her voice I knew this was going to be a wedding to remember.

I met Heather on a beautiful day in Texas and she was as sweet as can be, her mother did an amazing job with this one. What was not to love? I finished that day hoping and praying that she was just as much in love with me as I was with her. I mean her natural beauty was on point, so there was no miracle hands needed on this job!

As I walk into the room on her big day her bridesmaids made us feel at ease and lending a helping hand in any which way they could. As they enjoy getting ready together snapping selfies, sipping on drinks and truly laughing out loud about past days reminiscing, it brought so much joy to my heart. One of the many things I love about weddings is the true bond not only between a mother and a daughter but of the bride and her bridesmaids.

As we finalize the finishing touches of her and makeup it’s almost time! Not a sweat or a nerve came out of this beauty she was calm as can be, and how can you not be as everyone surrounds you reaching there hands to say a prayer for her and her future husband! Now that my job is done I sneak away knowing that she is left in such great hands as I drive home I drift into a dream of, what will my daughters weddings be like?

Thank you Heather and Blake for sharing your special day with me

Shears2u both

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