Jake & Brittany’s Wedding

One of my many passions is doing bridal parties, there is something about walking into a hotel room or someones house and you can see the bright smiles across peoples faces a glow of happiness lets say for the one particular day peoples deepest happy emotions are shown whether it be nerves cause they are so excited, tears of joy from the brides family cause they feel like they are giving away their baby forever!  In all actual reality weddings bring people closer together its almost like one big family reunion, or a big party for a group of friends that haven’t seen each other for awhile. As we get older our lives form differently we get wrapped up in the day to day things of life work, spouse, kids, friends etc. so we often dont get that extra time we used to spend with certain loved ones, so when a wedding invitation comes in the mail and ask you to RSVP, respond Yes Im going cause who doesnt want to see a room full of people with big smiles on their face dancing the night away, enjoying eachothers company, and almost forgetting about our daily routine of life!  I was blessed on Sept 14th 2014 to be a part of one of my husband and I closest friends Brittany & Jake, to be asked to do her hair and makeup and her bridesmaids I was completely honored because they had traveled all the way to Mexico back in 2011 to be a part of our wedding day!  Thank you for letting me be a big part of your Special day it meant the world! XOXOXO to you both and I wish you nothing but happiness. Heres to many more years of friendship!