Javier & Beverly Wedding



Javier and I met through his roommate at the time and just hit it off. I would attend their parties and always find myself drawn to Javier all night as he and I would crack jokes and make each other laugh. After living together for four and a half years, he finally popped the big question last Valentine’s Day and I said yes (though, first he tricked me a little with a pair of earrings that were in a box that looked identical to the engagement ring box)! We had originally planned on a May 2016 wedding but once we found out in November that we were having a baby, we threw things into overdrive. I wore my mother’s wedding dress that we had modified and just finished altering it, so we wanted to make sure I could still fit into the dress. Plus, a lot of people have more vacation time around the holidays, so it was a win-win to bump the date up between Christmas and the New Year. I was recommended to your company by my wedding planner, Megan Weeks, who has been a long time customer of yours. I’ve always admired Meg’s hair and once I saw some photos of the work that y’all have done, I knew I wanted to come in for a trial. Both Janet and Paige are total sweethearts and made me feel incredibly comfortable as we talked about our love for hair, make up, and our upcoming weddings (congrats on yours for next year Paige!) The hairstyle was something new that Janet had not done before for a wedding but she devoted her time to mastering and perfecting and completely blew my guests and I away at how beautiful it turned out! I absolutely loved her work!

Susie was referred to Shears2u by her wedding coordinator Megan Weeks from http://forevereventsandweddings.com/ When we met her for her trial run  she had about  3 weeks till her wedding, now thats a short time for a hairdresser to meet someone and be able to make magic happen however the soon to be Bride and Groom had decided to bump up there wedding by a few months, So they had a lot on there plate with having to do months of wedding planning in only a few weeks…. We were determined to make sure she was 100% satisfied though. With one of our creative employees she was able to help walk her through and ease at least one thing off her plate.  She had brought her mothers flower crown that her mother had worn at her own wedding many years ago, just to get an idea of what she would look like with her own that was going to be made out of baby’s breath. Susie was going to wear her mothers wedding dress, but of course altering it to more modern style. We were so excited to see the dress in person. Susie was so sweet, and funny she also knew exactly what she wanted done and how she was going to make it happen this woman had dreams!

      When we pulled up to The Springs event venue it was a cold day for a Texas wedding but still so beautiful.  As we drove down the gravel road, and pulled up to the building. It was so spectacular inside, it had a big grand stair case off to the left, a huge bridal suite for all the girls to get ready in, ever hairdresser loves lots of room to get ready in. And the groom and his grooms men had there own suite to get ready in. In the bridal suite it had a back door that lead the bride up some stairs so she could walk down the big grand stair case for her to get to the alter…
     Like every other wedding those last few hours are stressful for everyone around.  Susie remained calm the whole time I believe the only thing that stressed her out was the flowers that came last min, along with her flower crown, which were kinda key important things needed especially to add the finishing touches to her hair.  Once the prep curling of her hair along with the other girls was done they had to  go do there rehearsal. By the time they got back it was time to start putting there hair into their styles.  Susie’s of course had to be done in time so she could have her “first look” pictures, you know the pictures they do as the groom gets to see his already beautiful bride dolled up just for him.  It was such a special moment watching her soon to be husband turn around as his face lit up grinning from ear to ear. Her mothers dress that she had gotten altered  was so beautiful and vintage it fit her like a glove. Just as it was about time for her to walk down the isle in come her flowers and flower crown,  just in time to throw out on the tables and to secure it in her hair. Off she went this beautiful vintage bride to marry the man of her dreams!

Congrats and Shears2 the both of you

We wish you many years of happiness Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your big day!