Let Go Let God


For weeks now I have struggled writing this blog, deleting and rewriting over a handful of times. Getting often lost into my own thoughts trying to figure out what the best words are. If you know me my thoughts are a scary place to be they never shut off lol. For the last 3 years there has been a handful of changes in mine and our families lives. If you read my blog a year ago you would know that I Believe that change is such a necessary part of life that we need it to grow, it forces us to go beyond our comfort zone into unknown territory that we would like we have a voided if left to our own choice. I’ve always said don’t fear change welcome it! Without change we would not have butterflies.

First year of change I was scared and learned so many lessons that I carry with me, Second year of change I went at it headfirst with so many ideas & goals for I had a vision not exactly sure where it would take me but I was willing to try because if I didn’t try I would have always wondered what if.

As Fall & Winter are upon us yet again for the 3rd year in a row exact same month not only is the weather and our attire changing but so is my surroundings. It is with a sad heart that I let everyone know that as of 11/12 Shears2u will be shutting down the Richardson location and the girls and I will be going our separate ways. We spent a whole year together learning, growing and finding ourselves. Lots of love and laughter happened in that salon and I will be ever greatly to both of them for trying a new adventure with me and though it may not worked out how I envisioned it we don’t have to regret anything because maybe it’s just not where our lives are supposed to go! I wish them nothing but happiness and success and hope that we can continue our friendship outside of the salon.

As for me and my crazy world of change, my next adventure is going to be fun and exciting and I hope you continue this journey with me. I may not know where it’s going exactly or where it’s going to end up. However even though I am venturing out on my own, I do know I am not walking this journey alone and one of the biggest life lessons I learned over these last few years is to just let go and let God and enjoy the ride!

Thank you to all of my clients(family) in my life that have stuck by my side it has been an honor to be your Hairdresser. I will now be located in Rowlett, for some that is a further distance and I understand if you can’t make it. Please let me know and I will be happy to refer you to one of my many amazing hairdresser friends that can accommodate you. If you have any questions about my location please feel free to email, call or text me.