Marsha & Dawns Wedding

Whats better than a badass outside your box kinda wedding?  Ummmm a Bad ass outside your box kinda wedding that not only do I get to do the hair for, but I also get to attend!!!  Many years ago I met a woman named Christie that was a client of the salon I used to work for and bounced back and forth from a few different hairdressers.  Then one day she became a regular client of mine, not quite sure why……I really am not that cool lol.   I enjoyed getting to know her over the years learning about her family and hearing many stories but was never able to put  faces with a name.  I eventually got to meet her family I had heard so much about, 1 at a time they became my clients as well. As a hairdresser you create such a bond with people that they end up becoming more than just clients they become like family.  Family that you almost admire from afar……. its kind of like sitting on the outside looking in, but I am not up in the mix of it.  What I love about this family is that they love hard! When times are tough they stand together as a family no matter the circumstances they also know how to throw one hell of a party!  I mean even from the proposal the whole family was in on it, including me! So when Christies daughter Marsha asked me to do her hair and makeup for her masquerade wedding you better believe I blocked myself that whole day! Thats right I said Masquerade Wedding…….how freaking cool is that, not only are they both going to be wearing masks walking down the isle but they also asked guests to please come with one as well.  As soon as I heard that my husband and I where on the hunt for the perfect couples mask to attend the wedding of the year.

When asked to tell me about how they met this is what she had to say,



“Not much to our story, we met almost 5 years ago; and I have to admit,
it was love at first sight. From the day we met we knew that this was
something that neither of us had ever known. From that day we have
never spent a day apart.  She was my heart and I was hers. Sounds
crazy but it’s as close to perfect as you can get! She is my perfect
imperfection as I am to her. We knew we wanted to be married but never
thought it would be possible. However our dream came true in June of
2015. On August 12, 2015 while we were in Destin, FL, she gave me a
surprise proposal on the beach with my family there with us!! Of
course I said yes!!! She had been planning this day for almost 2
months and with the help of my family she pulled it off! Which by the
way is hard to do with me! The planning for our perfect night started
and on November 21, 2015 it happened! A beautiful masquerade ball
wedding happened with our friends and family by our side to help us
celebrate our love and future together!

 We prepped her hair weeks before with a beautiful color with Mocha brown streaks, blonde highlights and a fierce red lowlight that made her updo on point! Since requesting to do our traveling services, we show up early in the morning the day of the wedding at her sisters casa to start prepping everyone.  Hmmmmm Im here before the bride?  Oh thats right I was out with her the night before, this is early for her!  As we start on the bridesmaids hair and makeup they have drinks and snacks and everyone is enjoying eachothers company, in walks the bride sunglasses and all.  After a mini nap and a wave of my magic fingers she  transforms into this beautiful Bride whom is absolutely breathtaking  and ready  to walk down the isle and marry the woman of her dreams!  Of course my husband and I have named our family the CarvajalsComeLately considering we are almost always late it never fails us, we just own it now!  On that note we missed the actual wedding, which I was so bummed about but at least we were there to witness an amazing reception from a candy table, people walking around with their masks on , a huge picture frame to take pictures behind, and everyone and their grandmother was on the dance floor!  Speaking of dance floor, one of the many details I was left out of…….as Im standing there at the bar area to grab a drink suddenly dirty dancing “time of my life” starts playing, this just so happens to be a part of my mine and my husbands wedding song as I start to dance I look over and the bride who has changed into another dress that looks stunning on her along with the whole wedding party are reenacting the famous movie scene, I mean how freaking cool is that?  Everyone continued to dance the night away!  If anyone is thinking of having another badass wedding like this please don’t forget to invite your hairdresser, I might be late but I will be there you better count on it!  Thanks Yall for letting me be apart of your special night and your lives XOXO
Shears 2 u both