One Brides Cinderella Story!

Allison and Keith met on Christmas Eve 2013 at a lunch hosted by a mutual friend. They connected on Facebook and had their first date January 1 2014. They’re romance was a wonderful time filled with hockey games, concerts, movies, and traveling. Keith proposed June 7, 2014 before the George Strait final concert in Dallas. Allison definitely “checked yes”! They continued to fall deeper in love and moved in together in August of that year. Over the summer they set a wedding date for June 9 2015 in St. John USVI as it was a great place to get married. The next few months were spent booking and planning a few details for the destination wedding. A few friends even said they wanted to fly in and join in the celebration. During the holidays in 2014 many of those plans would come to a halt as Allison’s health became worse and after a series of tests they would find out she had stage IV lung cancer. They were beyond devastated but kept their strong faith in God to heal. Keith immediately wanted to marry Allison so they decided to quickly plan a wedding to be held in Dallas, this way many family and friends that had been supporting them through the cancer diagnosis would be able to join. The wedding took place on Valentines Day 2015. The weather was perfect and many vendors stepped in quickly to help make their wedding day special!

I was one of those very blessed vendors that got to help make their wedding day special. About 2 weeks prior Valentines day I was at work when a client contacted me about this amazing story of this woman and her soon to be husband. So when contacted by Allison I knew there was no way I could turn this amazing love story down! I moved a few things around so that I could accommodate her in a timely manner. A few texts/emails that were exchaged within that next week had me even more anxious to meet this incredibly brave strong woman. February 14th 2015 Allison walks into my salon glowing with the most amazing smile, even after just been through some recent extreme treatment. As she starts to describe to me what she was looking for which I believe was inspired by a well known Mrs Carrie Underwood(Love that womans hairstyles)  remember I had never met this woman or even put my fingers through her hair once. As I say my quick hairstylist prayer, “Dear Lord bless these hands extra special today this beautiful soon to be bride deserves my best work Amen!” As we have a wonderful conversation and as I place the finishing touches onto my canvas she looks into the mirror and all I see is this amazingly beautiful bride grinning from ear to ear and glowing even more so than when she entered through the door. As I hold back the tears of sadness for what she has to go through and the joy I brought to someone by making them feel even more beautiful than they already are, I realize I am thankful for having this amazingly strong woman come into my life and show me how much love and strength play a big part in getting through even the toughest of times.

A few weeks went by and I thought of this woman a few times and hoped she was well. Till one day I recieved a text “Hi Tiffany this is Allison you did my hair on Valentimes Day for my wedding wanted you to have a picture. I lit up as soon as I saw her pictures, beautiful not only on the outside but on the inside as well. Thank you Allison for allowing me to be such a big part of your special day and also thank you deeply for sharing your story with me and so many others I wish you and Keith a world full of happiness and you are in my prayers each and everyday! Cinderella stories get me everytime I guess Im just a sucker for love!

XO ShearsToYou both

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