Tiffany Carvajal was my dream come true

Tiffany Carvajal, was my dream come true. When it comes to how you look you must trust that to a skilled professional. I am 41 years old and have had the pleasure of Tiffany being my trusted friend and hair stylist for more years than I can count. She created a hair trend that I have had endoure seriously people walking up to me interrupting dinner, conversations–clients of my own saying “I WANT THAT”. There are certain services you can bob around to YOUR HAIR AND FACE ARE NOT ONE OF THEM!!! Tiffany consistently provides myself, my referred clients & friends with a gorgeous head of hair. She is PASSIONATE about what she creates, this is not a job for her, Your head becomes hers…she takes her business very seriously and will keep you happy. Down to earth, exceptional customer service…Being in the beauty industry myself I have to be on my game, Tiffany ALWAYS keeps me there! I guarantee one day this artist will be on some show, have her own hair line..something insane like that..and she better still find time to take me as a client!!!!