Tiffany Changed My Life!!

Tiffany Changed My Life!! – A few years ago, I was wanting the coveted Victoria Beckham inverted bob. When I first decided to go for the cut I had long hair. I went to some “fancy” salon and they whacked my hair off taking 8 inches and leaving me looking like I had had a fight with a weed eater. I cried for weeks.

Shortly after, a friend of mine was getting her hair colored and saw in the mirror a stylist cutting the very style I wanted on another client. She called me immediately and told me that she found the person to fix my hair.

I called and booked an appointment with Tiffany. I had very low expectations b/c I had been to about 4 different stylists since the first whack and each time got progessively worse. So what could I lose?

After about 45 minutes with Tiffany I emerged with the most amazing haircut I had ever had in my life. When I say that Tiffany changed my life it is b/c she gave me a cut that got me noticed. Complete strangers were coming up to me and asking me where I got my hair styled. The one person that I am most thankful that noticed my super hot hair was my now fiance. One of his favorite things about me when we met was my haircut. He’s an artist and he said it was just edgy enough while still remaining classy.

So I’m getting married and I owe a lot of that to the amazing cut I got from Tiffany. I have been going to her for the last 3 years and never disappointed once. My fiance loves it when I tell him I’m headed to see Tiffany.