Will you do my hair for my wedding?


Weddings can be stressful, chaotic, sometimes I  even see people just want to pull their hair out, or sometimes they make me want to pull my own hair out! Then there are those weddings that I love being a part of from the moment I walk into the door all the way up to watching them walk away to say their “I DO’s.” Ahhhhh this brings me back to the thought of clients weddings, I’ve been asked  to do many weddings from complete strangers and I loved every moment of those but there are those few and far between that have been with me thru thick and thin as their hairstylist.  We’ve watched eachother grow as a person throughout the years even though its only every 6 to 8 week but hey thats more than I see some of my closest friends.  We’ve been through marriages, jobs, kids and even divorces together.

Will you do my hair for my wedding? Its kinda like being proposed too, actually I think I did have one client get down on one knee and ask me to be their hairdresser for their wedding. Of course I said YES!  When a client that I have known for years asks me to do her wedding I immediately feel so privileged.  I mean I know I have been been making you gorgeous for years but thats a special day that one day that its all about you and the focal point other than your dress is your hair and makeup! No pressure Tiffany no pressure at all.

I arrive at the hotel praying the whole way up the elevator “Dear Lord, you have blessed these hands so that I can work what some would call miracles. Today can you extra bless them?” I arrive at the door and walk into a room so full of peace and quiet bridesmaids helping the bride at every notion. Sipping on some mimosas listening to music not a worry in the world  and just taking this beautiful day and breathing it in. This people is why I love doing what I do! Thank you for allowing me in your hearts and lives I thank each and everyone of you for believing in me and my talents!